What Clients are Saying

“Simply put, Jenn makes my life easier. She is very skilled at representing my voice in the world and continues to impress me with her creativity. Because of her work with social media on my behalf, I can focus more of my time doing what I do. Thanks Jenn for giving me more hours in my day!” ~ Desiree Rumbaugh

“Off Grid Social has been a phenomenal resource for myself and my business. Jenn has helped guide my online presence in such a way that I stay true to myself and reach others with similar lifestyles. I’ve even been able to tap into other markets I wasn’t even aware of with her help! Everything is easy to duplicate and keep a schedule going (especially with my busy and hectic lifestyle). Not to mention, I’m able to be “off the grid” for a few days/weeks and still manage to have my business continue with my online presence. I highly recommend Off Grid Social for anyone who is looking for a social media direction for their small business.” ~ Cristin Brotzman,The Keystone Oiler

“I’ve been working with Jenn and Kristin of Manifest Harmony [partnership of Off Grid Social and Laingwerks] for a number of months, and I can honestly say that the process has been nothing short of joyful. They take the time and make the effort to really understand not only the needs of their clients, but also who their clients are and what we want to say and portray of ourselves and our work. The process is supportive, fun, and easy, and the resultant work is of the highest caliber. We’re still really in the early stages of our work together, and I can say without a doubt that I look forward to a long professional relationship and seeing just how far we can take my business, together. What else is possible?” ~ Marissa Heisel, Transformational Essentials

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