Does my business *need* to be on Facebook?

Yes! Why?

80% of traffic is driven to websites, not by Google, but by… Facebook! That’s right– 80%!

Social media is not just about cat memes and creeping on catching up with exes/ old friends. More and more people of all ages rely on social media for far more than personal news, making Facebook and the like viable (and increasingly mandatory) tools for small business owners. Social media creates trust while spreading your message to potential clients.

Did you know that if people are talking about your company and you have not yet created a Facebook page, Facebook will create one for you? Pretty powerful stuff!

So, seriously, the days of just throwing up a Facebook page are over, but that doesn’t mean that social media has to be stressful! There are tactics YOU can put in place on your own (in minimal time per day or week) that will harness the power of social media to grow your business organically! Some of my clients use no other forms of advertising– just Facebook and Twitter!

How you say? Stay tuned! I will be back with my best tricks to create engaging content, get your followers to interact and so much more…

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