Off Grid Social

“I just don’t get Facebook! What am I supposed to do?”

You’ve read the stats and know that Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – is a crucial tool for you as a small business owner. It’s the way to attract the right people; your chance to connect with potential customers on a personal level.  

Since it’s just not optional anymore, you let someone more ‘tech savvy’ than yourself set up a Facebook account for Business on your behalf, but…

“I have no idea what to post.”

So there it sits. When was the last time you posted something on your Facebook page, or sent a newsletter for that matter?

“But… I post about important stuff, like upcoming events.”

Which means when you do post, those people you attracted, who are genuinely interested in your business, aren’t seeing what you have going on– algorithms are a bitch!

Or maybe you do have an idea of what you’d like to say, it’s just that, like most small business owners…

“I don’t have time for social media and blogging!”

You started your business to do what you do, not talk about it on Facebook. As if you don’t have 37 other pressing tasks on your To-Do list anyway.

Nodding your head in agreement?

Then I’m glad you found me.

Whether you need training so you can do your own digital marketing, or want to unplug from it entirely, Off Grid Social can provide the support you are looking for!

Off Grid Social is great for all marketing, not only social media. Jenn works with her clients to help them understand their social media, and she gives great training and advice.

James, HydrosReef

Simply put, Jenn makes my life easier. She is very skilled at representing my voice in the world and continues to impress me with her creativity. Because of her work with social media on my behalf, I can focus more of my time doing what I do. Thanks Jenn for giving me more hours in my day!

Desiree Rumbaugh